Hello! I’m Tina.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have always been fascinated with relationships of all kinds. Since a young age, I was always curious about family dynamics, how people related to their friends, and how people functioned with their romantic partner. We are relational beings at the core, so when the relationships in our lives feel like they are in conflict, causing unhappiness, anxiety, frustration or not working for us at all, it often effects our ability to show up and cope in other areas of life. This is where my work with clients come in, and where I can best help clients find greater insight and more fulfillment. Using my extensive experience working with both individuals and couples struggling in relationships and my training as a Gottman Level 3 trained therapist, I work to help clients identify where they are stuck in their relationships, envision what they want moving forward, and help them to gain the tools they need in order to get there.

Years in Private Practice

Individuals & Couples Served

Hours Working With Clients

Hours of Workshops and Trainings

My Credentials

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is dually licensed in both California and Colorado. I provide telehealth services to clients in California and see clients both virtually and in person in Denver, Colorado. I am trained in levels 1, 2 and 3 of Gottman Method Couples Therapy and have experience running Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups. In addition, I am the co-author of BreakUp& BreakOut, a book focused on helping readers heal and move forward after the loss of a relationship.

Outside the Office

When I am not working, you can most likely find me outside rollerblading, walking, gardening or riding my bike. I have a deep passion for and connection to nature and have found that moving my body and being outside has been an important aspect of my own healing process. I have a deep love for the people in my life and find purpose and fulfillment in continuing to meet new people and build community around me.

I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work in a range of mental health settings across the board, however my passion lies in working with couples and individuals to help heal their relationships, gain deeper insight, and increase emotional resilience. Relationships are the ultimate mirror in our lives. I love helping clients gain information about themselves, dig deep and uncover and heal patterns that are no longer serving them.

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